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Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners Landscaping services are unparalleled in the Landscaping industry. This is where we turn you design into reality on the ground.

This is where the difference between us and other landscapers really shows!


Our well trained staff our attention to detail and our 30 years of landscaping experance will make a significance to your project. You will have a garden to be proud of which stands out from others

Arriving on Site


Our team will arrive on site and clear all unwanted vegetation & rubbish either removing completely from site or burning on site. The site will then be graded or levelled in accordance with your personal design. Since we are involved in every part of the design process we can insure that the paper design is translated to the reality on the ground.


Then we start the Clearance and Digging

26aclear8      Fast and Efficient claranace

Then we dispose of the rubbish


The garden is clear ready for the construction of a new garden.


If you garden is heavely infested with weeds then somtimes leaving it to grass for a couple of years can solve the proublem



Or without paving



Low maintenace with
places to sit




Planters with space for a good variety of plantings
Simple but requires a high standard of workmanship to give the best result




Black limetone paving with
beech pebbles surrounding with decking to either side.