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Lawn care can be part of ongoing Garden Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance Grounds Maintenance or can be purchased as a standalone service.

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There are broadly two main types of activities required to keep you lawn healthy.

1/ Grass maintenance

including Mowing edging and removal of leaves and

2/what we call  ‘Lawn Care ‘

which are all  of the maintenance procedures required to keep your lawn healthy.  Scarification Aerating Top Dressing   Overseeding Feeding Weed Control we have gouped these into "packages" to make things a little easer and you can purchase each package individually with or without a mowing service.


Details of our seasonal lawn care packages are detailed below

The advantages of our lawn care service are:

 Dark Green, Weed-Free Lawn    
  • Impress  Relatives, Friends and Neighbours –
  • A Green Weed Free Lawn Will Make You The Envy of The Neighbourhood — Everyone Compares The Colour of Their Grass To Their Neighbours.
  • All applications coordinated with our mowing schedule to ensure the most effective fertilization and weed control treatment every time
  •  For very little money you can have a green, weed free lawn.  The visual  impact as you drive up to your property, resell value, disease prevention, elimination of thinning issues, all easily offset the very low cost to keep your lawn green, healthy, disease,  weed free and absolutely stunning.
  • We are a landscape gardening company and all our people are direct employees who are trained to a higher standard then any of our competitors.
  • Many lawn care companies are Franchise operations so the owner may have had the franchise to fix car windscreens last week and buys the franchise and is a lawn care “Expert “ this week!!
  • NO Contracts you can chose how many of the packages you need and add weekly-bi weekly mowing or yu could mow yourself !
  • We sort everything just one phone call or email and we will schedule an appointment, email a quotation and can have the work completed within a week of your call
  • No hidden surprises! When we say we carry out a package we include everything unlike some of our competitors how expect you to dispose of the waste

The first and most important part of caring for your lawn is to give us a call on 08447365888 orvia our contact us page click the link. We will come and provide a free assessment of your lawn and advice as to the lawn care programme which is most suited to your lawn


your turf is the single most important activity you can do to maintain a beautiful lawn. Grass is dynamic and responds to changes. Your turf will get used to how much you cut off and being cut to the same height. If you dramatically lower the height of cut or let the grass grow too long before cutting it, you can injure or even kill your lawn. Dark green leaves can withstand the intense rays of the sun, but those parts of your turf near the soil, which are shaded by the leaves, are very sensitive to the sun. Therefore, if you scalp your turf and expose those tender tissues near the soil, the sun may scorch your turf. Scorched turf will turn yellow, grow slowly and may even die. In general the longer the turf, the deeper the roots. However, if lawns are mown higher than 20mm, there will be sufficient roots. The actual height of the turf is a matter of preference. However, if most amenity lawns are mown shorter than 25mm it will weaken the turf, allow more weeds to encroach and in general, require more care.  Mow your new turf at 25mm because it provides a high quality appearance. You can raise the height of cut if you want to. If you let your lawn get much higher than normal, raise up the height of cut. Then, each time you mow bring it down by a third, until it is the height you want.



Winter Lawn Care: Package
October To February
1/ Scarification  
The name given to the mechanical means of removing surface thatch that has built up over the year, thereby enabling air flow, nutrients and moisture to reach the root zone. This results in healthier grass which is less prone to fungal attack. Although Scarifying is generally done in the winter season it may also be done in the growing season under some circumstances.

2/ Aeration
is the most effective way of relieving lawn compaction and thatch, by punching thousands of cores from the lawn. The operation thins out thatch from the surface of the lawn, whilst at the same time relieving soil compaction within the root zone. It is even more effective in relieving compaction if is combined with Top Dressing- the top dressing will fill the holes left by the aeration and because of the cause nature of the top dressing air can still circulate in the holes.  Aerationis generally done in the winter season it may also be done in the growing season under some circumstances.


4/ Top Dressing
Top-dressing is the application of loam, sand and well-rotted organic matter to a lawn in order to correct surface irregularities and improve the texture of difficult soils. This encourages greater rooting and thickening of turf. Top dressing can be carried out in combination with: Over seeding


5/ Overseeding
After moss or weeds have been removed, or where grass is growing sparsely, over-seeding may be necessary. Early autumn is the best time for this job, but Early to mid-spring is also suitable. Overseeding allows for the application of grass seeds which are best suited to an individual site. This is particularly important with lawns laid using commercially grown turf In which the grass seeds used are those best suited to growing in an open field and then being harvested, transported and relayed. Turf grass should be replaced  over a 5 year period as the old grasses die off. Overseeding speeds up the rejuvenation of a neglected lawn by incorporating new healthy fine grasses into your lawn.
Over seeding of an existing lawn is a recognised essential part of annual lawn maintenance. All lawns are affected by the specific growing environment in which they exist, their level of use and general weather conditions. As a result, understanding the basic principles of over seeding and choice of seed mix will enable us to  work with nature toward giving you a greener and healthier lawn.


6/ Lawn Feeding and Weed Control:  This is in the early winter or late winter early spring
The autumn and winter climate will eventually slow or stop the grass growing, so the micronutrient requirements of your lawn is different in that it doesn't need to encourage growth. Instead, it needs to stimulate chlorophyll activity for a stronger, more robust lawn that's better able to cope with the rigours of winter. In addition the feed used during this period dehydrates any moss that may have built up, helping to control it by slowing down its activity. By keeping the moss spores to a low level, it also prepares your lawn for any mechanical work.

Winter Green Up

A specialist fertiliser that can be used all year round but especially in Autumn, Winter and early Spring to provide a quick green-up of any turf type and with 65% of the iron derived from iron sucrate, the effects can last up to 3 months. Improves the appearance and increase the hardiness of tees, greens, lawns and pitches.


Spring Lawn Care Package

The season kicks off in March or April  as the days become longer and the weather starts to warm up
Spring is all about new growth and rejuvenation. Your grass is hungry for all those nutrients associated with growth. Our customised fertiliser is uniquely developed to work in cooler temperatures, encouraging the grass plant to wake from its dormant state into the growing period. It provides the right mix of nutrients to help the grass grow stronger and give it a vibrant colour. With Nitrogen to get the sward (The individual blades of grass) growing strongly    Phosphorous supports root development which is essential to support the growing sward. Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium are all required to keep grass healthy during the growing phase.
Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for growth but it isn't stored by the soil so it has to be added. It's broken down by the soil into nitrates which can then be taken up through the plants' roots. All the other micronutrients are already present in the soil so adding the fertiliser supports and rejuvenates the existing soil nutrients


Spring weather conditions tend to result in a flourish of young weeds, so this application also includes a selective herbicide used to control broad-leafed weeds, such as dandelion, daisy, clover and buttercup. When sprayed it enters the plant via the leaf, disrupting its normal growth pattern. Gradually the appearance of weeds in the lawn reduces over the following three weeks and throughout the growing season.
 If you're a new client you should expect over half of your weeds to disappear after the first treatment. After three or four treatments most of your weeds should be gone.
 We also apply a suspension of Heterorhabitis bacteriophora, this is a nematode which is a organic control  for Chafer grubs


Early Summer Lawn Care Package

  May to 21st June
Whilst all other dates in the lawn maintenance year are approximate the only date which is fixed is midsummers day. Within 24 hours the growth of the sward changes! Whilst this is not immediately noticeable in domestic lawns when we cut larger lawns cut with a tractor and finishing mower there is an audible difference – the grass stems are softer and more easily cut after midsummer
Now your lawn is off to a great start and growing nicely we need to keep that way so the nutrient levels in the soil topped up so the lush green luxurious growth can be maintained. Nitrogen which is leached by rain and irrigation form the soil needs to be replaced so it is readily available for uptake by the grass and there should also be a balance with the other nutrients so we include Phosphorus and potassium in the feed programme. Applications should be made every 8 to 10 weeks dependent upon the cationic exchange capacity (cec) of you soil We also  spread mycorrhizal fungi these have a saprophytic relationship with plant roots and assist with the uptake of phosphorus. Although these are not used widely in domestic gardens they are used wildly by professional groundsmen particularly on Cricket wickets where ware and tare and compaction are a problem


We also apply a selective herbicide to target any new weed invaders that may have sprung up in the spring months, resulting in a lawn to be proud of at this time of year when you'll be using it most.

Mid Summer Lawn Care Package

21st June to September
As the warm weather continues, we support the lawn’s growth and colour with a similar nutrient-rich fertiliser to the Early Summer feed also coated to prevent rapid disintegration into the soil. For the best results and a wonderful looking lawn, you'll need to water your lawn regularly to ensure that the nutrients from the fertiliser are steadily released and consistently feeding the grass plant. The feed contains Nitrogen, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium to  maintain the health and vigour of your lawn. We also  spread mycorrhizal fungi these have a saprophytic relationship with plant roots and assist with the uptake of phosphorus
There is no Phosphorous in this mix because levels will still be enough in the soil from the Spring Treatment. The fertiliser and fungi  are applied with a professional spreader to ensure that we don't apply too much at this time of the year


We also apply a selective systemic herbicide to target any unsightly weeds that may have crept into the lawn during the summer. Watering is essential if there is no rainfall as it will help release the nutrient into the soil, where it feeds the plant.
At this time we apply a suspension of Heterorhabitis bacteriophora, this is a nematode which is a organic control  for Chafer grubs and Steinernema feltiae  Which control  Leather jackets. As it is when these larvae are most active


Then we are back to the Winter / Spring Lawn care

Autumn Revive Treatment

In addition we can provide as specialist Fertilizer treatment during the autumn winter and early spring period to provide a quick green-up of any turf type and with 65% of the iron derived from iron sucrate, the effects can last up to 3 months. Improves the appearance and increase the hardiness of tees, greens, lawns and pitches. In this treatment Iron sulphate gives the initial colour and hardening. Iron sucrate gives a gentle and consistent release making iron available to the plant over several months to ensure turf remains a brilliant green through all but the harshest winter. This treatment is low in both nitrogen and sulphur but with high potash and an additional 9.9% calcium, and is an ideal for application to golf and bowling greens as a treatment before the onset of winter, or as an early season starter, which will provide colour and hardiness without stimulating excessive growth.

Lawn Disease Control.

When symptoms of fungal lawn disease occur our unique FCS treatment will control the common lawn fungal diseases. Due t the high cost of treatment we would only undertake the FCS treatment when symptoms are present.
The fungal diseases controlled are:

Fusarium Patch

Red ThreadTurf_Red_Thread

Dollar SpotTurf_Dollar_Spot


Leaf SpotTurf_Leaf_Spot